Welcome to one of the most exciting and effective means of communicating the Gospel to the world. We are a Bible Correspondence School who are here to help you understand the Bible better and build a sound relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Your search for the truth on Bible doctrines, prophecy or life issues find their answers in this ministry.

Our Historical Background:
The Voice of Prophecy (VOP) was founded in 1929 by Evangelist HMS Richards in California. It became an Adventist premiere radio ministry in 1962 and has given birth to several Adventist Media and Broadcasting Ministries such as Hope Channel and Discover Bible Schools. Learn more about our history here


The mission of Voice of Prophecy Bible School is to share the Gospel of God's love through Bible study in preparation for the soon return Lord and King of the Universe Jesus Christ.

The vision of Lusaka Conference Voice of Prophecy is to have each of our organized churches and companies become a VOP Bible School, sharing the message of hope and healing to all their surrounding comunities.

What is Voice of Prophecy Bible School?
Voice of Prophecy Bible School is a local church based ministry that aims to reach people and provide an opportunities to study the Bible. Local Church Member are organized under the VOP Coordinator to form the VOP Bible School which is a branch of the Conference/Mission Correspondence School.


The VOP Bible School provides a variety of flexible options to reach people with the gospel. There are five most common ways local church members can use to reach their communities:
  1. Personal delivery of Bible lessons to someone's home
  2. Operating a Bible correspondence school at the local church
  3. Form small groups for Bible studies in a home
  4. Enrolling people to the Online Bible School www.bibleschools.com
  5. Personal delivery of evangelistic videos or inviting someone to an evangelistic meeting using lesson guides
Discover Bible School:
Enjoin the free online courses in Discover Bible School. The School is currently offering three programs:
  1. Discover Bible Guides
  2. Focus on Prophecy
  3. Kids Zone

To join click on the link: www.bibleschools.com/Lusaka

Contact us for more information:

The School Headmaster
Lusaka Conference Discover Bible School
Plot Number 9221 Corner Independence Avenue and Burma Road
P. O. Box 37155, Lusaka 10101, Zambia
Email: chilembos@lusaka.adventist.org/smchilembo@gmail.com