Executive Secretary

The Executive Secretary is the second officer associated with the President. He serves under the direction of the executive committee and acts as vice chairman of the executive committee. He has a major responsibility in the co-administration and management of the Conference. This includes facilitating the developing and implementing strategic plans for fulfilling the mission of the Church in collaboration with the other Conference Officers and departmental directors.

Other important responsibilities include fostering consistent and unbaised policy interpretation and application as well as the preparation/preservation of all official records/statistics of the Church in the Conference.

The current Lusaka Conference Executive Secretary is Pastor Francis Chibiya who was appointed as the Conference CEO at the 2020 Executive Committee Year-End held on 7th December, 2020. He takes over from Elder Denny Mangisha who served as Executive Secretary/Chief Financial Officer from August to December 2020, after the appointment of the incurmbent Executive Secretary Pastor Goliath Naini to the office of the President.