Welcome to the Secretariat department, the administrative backbone of our mission-driven community. The Secretariat department is committed to training and supporting district and church secretariat departments, promoting knowledge and efficiency across our network.

At the core of our operations is the maintenance of the Church's Working Policy, a living document that guides our actions and decisions. With precision and dedication, we ensure that these policies align with the evolving needs of our community, creating a framework for a thriving and united mission.

Head of this department is the Executive Secretary who is second officer to the President and chief executive officer of the Conference. He serves under the direction of the executive committee and acts as vice chairman of the executive committee. He has a major responsibility in the co-administration and management of the Conference. This includes facilitating the developing and implementing strategic plans for fulfilling the mission of the Church in collaboration with the other Conference Officers and departmental directors. 

The Executive Secretary is chairperson of Audit and Membership Retention Committee. Pastor Francis Chibiya is the current Lusaka Conference Executive Secretary.

Key accountabilities of the Executive Secretary include:

1) Communicating, interpreting and providing guardianship of church policies
2) Record management and preservation
3) Work closely with the President in strategic planning and management in fulfilling the mission, vision and values of the Conference
4) Responsible for updating maintaining and protecting employees service records according to applicable working policies
5) Ensures the highest standards of accuracy and integrity in the Conference statistics
6) Process credentials and licenses for all Conference employees
7) Ensures the Conference membership in the Adventist Church Management System (ACMS) is up to date

Learn more about Adventist Church Management System by following this link: https://sidadventist.org/secretariat/acms/

Statistical Report:
Lusaka Conference is proud to announce that all its membership have been migrated to the online register.

Below is the statistical report as at 31st March, 2024:

1. Summary of Statistical Report:
Number of Churches 307
Number of Companies 191
Church Membership as at January 1st, 2024 99,172
Church attendance on Second Sabbath 62,860
Church attendance on Seventh Sabbath 73,768
Membership added through baptism, profession of faith and by letter 2,679
Membership subtracted by letter, death, dropped or missing 1,360
Church Membership as at March 31st, 2024 100,491

2. Statistical Report by Districts:
District Churches Companies Membership
Chawama 7 1 5,720
Chilanga 9 2 4,262
Estates 12 9 3,441
Fountain Views 6 1 2,498
Jacaranda 1   348
John Laing 15 1 6,114
Kabwata 1   914
Kamulanga 9 1 5,142
Kamwala 1   1,288
Kanyama 15 4 5,675
Keezwa 19 13 4,425
Lusaka Central 1 2 1,320
Lutale 14 24 3,328
Makeni 8 2 2,691
Makeni Villa 10 2 2,703
Moono 14 11 2,773
Muchabi 7 12 2,511
Mukulaikwa 20 13 4,763
Mutaba 14 10 5,038
Nalubanda 14 12 4,574
Nangoma 17 13 4,377
Ridgeway 4   1,102
Riverside 10 24 3,248
Sala 13 11 4,884
Shibuyunji 15 9 3,369
Shorthorn 18 6 6,454
Sunrise 11 3 3,077
Westwood 22 5 4,452

3. Current Membership:
    For current membership click on this link: https://www.acmsnet.org/

Meet the Secretariat Department Staff:

Sr. Melinda Lumbeta Nsanta - Administrative Secretary
Sr. Rachael Mumba Musenge - Administrative Secretary
Sr. Violet Mwalwile - Secretary
Sr. Savior Kasanda - Secretary
SR. Kasamba Namakobo Suze - Receiptionist

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