Our Histroy


By Pastor Highten Hamweene

What seemed to have taken time to materialize finally came to pass. On December 4, 2012 the then Central Zambia Conference (CZC) successfully convened for their 8th Session. Delegates from all over the CZC territory began their arrivals at the New Government Complex in the Kamwala area of Lusaka on 3rd December. The schedule of programs was more than clear. Arrive on the 3rd; commence business on the 4th; finish business on the 5th; and depart on the 6th. All Sessions are important. However, the 8th Session of the old Central Zambia Conference will forever be remembered as a unique one.

Perhaps the significance or importance of any meeting can be judged by the quality of individuals who grace it. The President of the Southern Africa Indian Ocean Division (SID) Dr. Paul Ratsara, and his Vice, Dr. Machamire were in attendance. The President of Zambia Union Conference (ZBUC) Dr. Harrington Simui Akombwa was also present. Accompanying him were Pastor Bednical Ndatoya and Elder George Siamuzoka, the ZBUC Executive Secretary and Chief Financial Officer, respectively. Other dignitaries included Dr. Raelly (the former Zambia Union Mission and East African Division President); the former President of CZC, pastor Mufayabo Mtshiya, who served CZC for four consecutive terms;  and the retired clergyman Pastor Nachibinga.

Having laid the spiritual foundation necessary for transacting the Lords business, Dr. Ratsara devotionally exhorted the Session delegates to do only that which would “edify”. Dr. Machamire then proceeded to enunciate the conditions that were set for the realignment of CZC. He stated that all such conditions had been met; and that the SID was convinced that such a move was practicable. Once the motion to dissolve CZC was passed, something strange took place. The proposal to realign CZC bore the need for the creation of two brand new entities i.e. (New) Central Zambia Conference, and Lusaka Conference. In the words of Dr. Akombwa, what followed  was “altogether new and unheard of in Zambia”. He recounted the days when Zambia Union Mission was just a small entity, and how it grew to the heights being witnessed by the delegates in session.

Finally, Lusaka Conference was born. The following officers and directors were elected to serve for a three year term:

  • Dr. Edwin Shimunzhila – President
  • Pr. Goliath Maunga Naini – Executive Secretary
  • Elder Isaac Chungu Kaputo – CFO
  • Pr. Silas Chabala – Ministerial Director
  • Pr. Faxon Shangala – Stewardship Director
  • Pr. Highten Hamweene – Youth Director
  • Pr. Morgan Chibala – Publishing Director
  • Sr. Charity Ngondo – Women’s Ministries Director

Lusaka Conference is today a viable entity destined for growth and expansion. Its offices are located at the junction of Burma Road and Independence Avenue at the former ZBUC Offices.